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About Us

For Twisted Vortex we are a very young site and looking to promote the benefits of working out. To provide tools you can use to invest in your overall well being. I Mikey Bridgers operate and run the site. For me, physical activity was a part of life growing up. I was highly involved in sports no matter what it was. Baseball, basketball, street hockey, backyard football, bike riding or anything else we could possibly think of. Remembering the days we had to yell "car" and stop in the middle of a play. To jump forward a bit I dedicated myself to baseball in middle school. I played spring, summer, winter and fall. As a kid and young adult sports and recreation gave me a way out of the day in and day out stresses. I trained with many knowledgeable coaches, players, and athletes. Baseball was my life through high school. It kept my head on straight through confusing times. I considered myself to be an exceptional player with tons of potential and opportunity. I bypassed all of that to join the Army. Why? I didn't give myself a chance and wanted to be independent. Looking back I would have made a wiser decision to continue my education and enjoy the sport that help mold me. Yes, the Army provides education, but 11B doesn't leave a lot of time for baseball. My time serving was self rewarding and even though it was tough at times made me a better person. I decided to move back home closer to my family. At the time there wasn't much for me to do besides security at a mall. I didn't really have anything to offer a company, so I fell into a depression and anxiety was at an all time high. I quit working out and got the heaviest i've ever been. I kept to myself a lot and did quite a bit of drinking and eating unhealthy. It was time for me to be me again. I didn't know this person I was looking at in the mirror. I hated him!  Law enforcement!!! That's totally ME!!! I landed in a career corrections at a state prison. Quickly I realized mentally and physically i'm not prepared for this. Day by day I learned the ins and outs of working in a place like this. I got back into a workout routine and not only did it help me physically but mentally. I was eating healthy again and happy again, considering my job. After 5 years at the prison I got a job with the local sheriffs department. I can thank physical fitness for a big part of my success. I was more effective at dealing with certain situations in that line of work. Being in better shape may have saved me a few times. A weak body was not going to save me if I hadn't continued working out. My anxiety and mental state was a concern to me and others. I stepped up my work out game, not as much from a physical aspect but for my sanity. It works and will continue to do this for my family and I. I didn't create this site to make a killing because I won't. I do it because I enjoy it and want others to find something to better themselves. I want to better my community and others that stumble across this site. We have to start with ourselves to better the lives of others. We have to sacrifice a lot ourselves for others but its worth it. Thank you for those that read this and for visiting Twisted Vortex. Find your way to happiness and spread that word to others like you!!!